No More Tumblr

written on Thursday, January 27, 2011

A week or two ago I decided to stop using Tumblr and "roll my own" blog. Since I've been using flask to put some projects on the web, I decided to give rstblog a go. (Both written by the same guy.)

rstblog is very much a very "small" blog app, with only very minimal documentation. Thankfully Morten Siebuhr put together a nice beginner's course on how to implement it. I referenced it heavily, though there were still some bumps on the road. Mostly, it took me awhile to realize you have to rm -r _build/ everytime you run-rstblog build. I was wondering why all of my links weren't updating; it was because when you do "run-rstblog build", it only seems to create templates that already exist. I don't have a great explanation. But if you're looking for rstblog tips, here's mine: rm -r _build/ every time you run-rstblog build.

I have also added a link to select projects in the header and generally cleaned and centralized everything.

Getting my blog in a somewhat finalized form also marks the end of the beginning of my movement toward setting up my own web server to function as a place to host my own projects, including the blog. I realize for most people who will read this running a webserver isn't that big a deal, and maybe even something you were doing in high school or before. But for me, this has been a new thing and a tremendous learning experience. Much thanks to Brett Hoerner for his post on configuring Apache2 and nginx for mod_wsgi. They've been a great reference source as I fumble with those two services.

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